Welcome to Fiberwave

Since 1992, Fiberwave has helped thousands of customers around the world make millions of high quality, reliable fiber optic cable connections.

Quality Statement

At Fiberwave, the phrase connect with confidence®  is not just another advertising slogan. It is an expression of our unyielding commitment to the production of the very best fiber optic connectors and components in the industry.

It is our promise that every product will be tested thoroughly before it leaves our factory. It is our guarantee that every one of our products can be counted on for consistent and reliable performance. And finally, it is our assurance of great value at a competitive price.

Quick Response

For our customers, delays and downtime can have serious consequences, so at Fiberwave, quick response is the name of the game. In fact, fast turnaround is a big reason why so many companies, from small startups to telecommunications giants, have come to rely on Fiberwave for their fiber optic products and accessories.

While we take pride in our ability to move quickly, we never rest on past accomplishments, but constantly strive to make our process even faster, more efficient, and more responsive to your needs.

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Presidents Message

Our company has based its business on two guiding principles: making the best fiber optic connections in the business, and getting these products into the hands of customers who need them, faster than anybody. These two principles have served Fiberwave well.

Today, we are a recognized leader in connectorization and assembly products. Fiberwave has developed unique capabilities in high volume production of fiber optic assemblies with state-of-art production and testing equipment.

But we are never satisfied. We constantly strive to make our process even faster and more efficient, as recognized by our ISO 9001 certification. This is just the beginning; Fiberwave will continue to develop proprietary technologies to deliver the highest performance and lowest insertion loss in the industry.


John V. Romeo, President