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We are located in the old Brooklyn Army Terminal. BAT was commissioned by the federal government in March of 1918 to serve as a military depot and supply base. The massive five million square-foot complex was completed in September of 1919, built in just 17 months. This feat is impressive even by today’s standards, especially given the massive facility’s size.

Brooklyn Army Terminal Fiberwave Facilities Location

BKLYN Army Terminal’s utilitarian design was highly innovative for its time. The complex was constructed of girder-less, steel reinforced concrete slabs and included 96 centrally controlled push – button elevators, the largest elevator installation of its time.

The entire complex was interconnected, with three bridges on the third floor linking the two main building structures. The larger of the two buildings featured a huge skylight- enclosed atrium, and the smaller building was joined to the atrium by the three covered piers.

New York City Economic Development Corporation now manages the BKLYN Army Terminal complex and has carried out a phased renovation plan that began in 1984.  Today, over three million square feet of space has been renovated for use by a diverse mix of businesses.

The Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) complex houses the offices of the NY City Police Department’s Intelligence Division (NYPD), NYC Emergency Management Services, NYC Department of Transportation, NYC 311 Call Center, NYPD K9 Training Facilities, and New York Housing Division (NYHD). This complex also has tenants that are vital to the world’s financial economy and are the back up for Wall Street. The BAT complex is heavily guarded and well protected. It has its own emergency management plans in which we are included.