APC Simplex Patchcords

Insertion loss:

Single-Mode       <.25dB maximum loss

Return loss:

Single-Mode: For UPC polish, greater than 55dB. For APC polish, greater than 65dB.




Fiberwave  APC jumpers utilize APC low-loss polish and are available with Riser (OFNR) rated cable jackets.

The APC (Angled Physical Contact) connectors provide a lower insertion loss and a higher return loss than standard UTP (Ultra Physical Contact) singlemode connectors.

The Green Connectors easily distinguish Fiberwave  APC  Patch Cords  and  Pigtails from standard singlemode patch cords and pigtails.

Available  in a Plenum (OFNP) or Low Smoke-Zero

Halogen  (LSZH) cable jacket.

Made to Telcordia  GR-326 and Verizon Standards