Trunk Cables

Pre-Terminated MTP® & MPO Trunk and Fan-Out Cables 

Fiberwave pre-terminated MTP® & MPO multicore assemblies enables rapid deployment of high density backbone cabling in Data Center and telecommunication networks by reducing installation time and cost. It also allows ease of relocation or reconfiguration.



Each pre-terminated fiber assembly is delivered to the installer with the delicate fibers and connectors protected by a plastic tube. A pulling eye is attached to the strength members of the cable allowing full pulling force to be applied during installation without any risk to the optical fibers.

The assembly is ready to install, right down to the pre-fitted cable glands. Simply remove the pulling eye and protective tubes, feed the fibers into the rear of a sliding tray patch panel, tighten the cable gland to the rear of the panels and the installation is complete.

MTP® & MPO trunk cables can be offered in all fiber types and 12 & 24 core versions using rugged and secure micro cable structure. Compact cables enables better identification of cables and also improves air flow inside Data Center by eliminating unnecessary use of extra cables.


  • MTP® & MPO to fan-out and MTP® & MPO  to MTP® & MPO versions are available
  • 12 & 24 core options
  • LC & SC fan-out options
  • SM and Multimode (OM4 & OM3)