FTTH Flat Drop Cable Assemblies

Product Description

Fiberwave is proud to offer our flat drop cable assemblies featuring Hardened Fiber Optic Connector (HFOC) compatible with Corning Optitap. Our flat drop assemblies are designed for Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) applications. Assemblies are available in standard 1, and 2 fiber configurations; with traditional, or HFOC connectors on either, or both ends. Higher count cables, up to a maximum of 12 fibers, are available by special request.

Drop Cable Ordering Worksheet

Flat drop cables are proven, ruggedized Outside Plant (OSP) rated cable, containing a single gel-filled loose-tube, strength members, and an outer UV rated jacket. Cable options include an all dielectric version, and a toneable version which allows for traceability in underground installations.

Product Details